Above the River

Performance, still images
Glass, color mark pens
Dec, 2018

“Confucius said above the river: As time goes by! Regardless of day and night.” is an excerpt from Analects about a discussion of time. When we talk about the future, future comes and becomes the present. When we pay attention to the present, then present passes and becomes the past. The past, the present and the future are all like a river flowing to the distance. In fact, the action of “Above the River” is also a roam about “The Precise Moment”.
During the performance, I stood with Xuezi Zhang, another artist on the two sides of a glass and draw the outlines of each other. Since both of us are moving during the process, the lines are also dynamic. So the original meaning of “The Precise Moment” especially the static feeling has become ambiguous and dubious.